Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Okayyyyyy so .... great week. I felt a little wilty...can you pray for me to help me stay focused? Also...what would happen if I extended?

Also I love the Book of Mormon so bad. Soooo bad. Yesterday we had a few minutes before church started so we found this 12 year old boy in our branch who has never spoken a word to us but we are teaching his cousin who lives at his house so he is always there when we go to teach and he just doesn't ever say anything and sometimes it just doesn't seem like he cares too much about...anything really. Soooo we found him sleeping on a chair in the church so we woke him up and said we were going to play a game where we count to three and then land on a page in the Book of Mormon. I landed on Moroni 3 but i wanted to read 1 Nephi 4 so I said I landed there (oops haha) and we read it. And we LOOOOVED it and he liked it too. About Nephi and how Nephi had so much courage and faith and followed the Spirit and was obedient to Heavenly Father. We called this little boy Nephi that day at church and guess what he did. Smiled!! Like 3 times. It made me so happy.

I gave a talk in the international branch yesterday, so did my companion. It was so great! She wrote it in Thai and then she translated it into English and then had me correct it (believe it or not I still can remember a few basic grammar principles). I really admire her for getting up there totally out of her comfort zone and speaking in English. She did a great job. We spoke on how sharing the message of Jesus Christ helps us strengthen our faith in Him. It was interesting speaking in English. I noticed that I spoke a lot simpler and slower and said way less than I think I would have before my mission. The message of the gospel is so simple that a child can understand it. 

 Sister Roper

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