Sunday, July 22, 2012

here is a story:)
We were biking...just lost like 4 investigators in two our own choosing because it was just too hard to feel the spirit around them, even though they were nice, and they weren’t keeping commitments and it stung to see something so beautiful like the Book of Mormon not get the respect or attention it deserves. So I couldn't take any more of it, and the field is white already to harvest for real. So we tried to have faith that there were some people out there that needed our time and efforts more than they did....people we had not yet met.
Anyway so I was hot and had a headache and satan was trying to make me discouraged so we stopped and prayed and my companion almost cried. After we prayed I decided the only reasonable thing to do was pray again...and then eat something delicious so we stopped for an Ovaltine banana shake and there was another customer waiting and she looked shy but really nice and older than 18. So I started talking to her and she was way surprised that a farang  (foreigner) was talking to she smiled and once she realized that the words coming out of my mouth were actually my attempt at speaking Thai...she listened a little more intently and we started communicating.....:) Anyway she was the one Heavenly Father wanted us to spend more time on:) she said she loved Christianity and had a good friend who she would go to church with who had moved and now she didn’t know where to find a different church or how to learn more.. She felt sad about it and missed it. She couldn’t wait to come to church with us on sunday. After we left my companion Sister Wikanda asked me what her story was and I told her and then told her that she was getting baptized and going to the temple next year, too:). Good thing we’re not in charge of this work or it would go nowhere. Heavenly Father knows so much its crazy. Like that women (Fon) and us both like Ovaltine and that we needed her and she needed us. She loved church on Sunday:) and said she felt like she'd come to a place where the warmth of real love  is:).
The Gospel is so great, so true. We’re so little and it’s so big!!! I love being a part of it and having it be a part of me.

We have some wonderful investigators right now. for example, we walked into eat ice cream a few weeks ago and now the three girls working there are learning and progressing and gettin close to baptism. They are from hill tribe type communities in northern Thailand where most people there are christian, I think catholic specifically, and just very good and pure people. Just missing a few parts of the fulness of the Gospel and the priesthood, but already living most of the commandments. The spirit has been so strong in almost all the lessons. they get so full of emotion and gratitude each time they talk about Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon. They read so much of it every day and they thank us so much and Heavenly Father in front of us for sending us to “give them the pieces of pure truth that they've been looking for their whole lives".  So sweet.  Their names are May, Mamiaw, and Plooy. They are so sweet and I sincerely love them.

i love you
sister roper

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