So usually I share a story of when we found someone ready to receive the gospel and it all works I want to take a turn on what usually happens:) the stuff that makes me kinda stumble and then have to pick myself back up again....We've got a great neighborhood....lots of townhouses and lots of families. So this week we've been trying to make some time to "invite" or tract in the confines of our very own humble abode. Yesterday was Sunday...obviously...and we had an hour free (because our plan and back up plan both fell we were on the back up to our back up at that point)...and of course it started to rain ....and of course I left my poncho at home and we were at the church when it started I was having this war in my head about whether or not I should give up and quit and ...let Satan win. Or if I should follow Nephi's example and CHOOSE to have a good attitude even when making the choice sometimes weighs a million pounds...(don't know why, but seriously, you know, sometimes it just does). So then we decided the only thing we can do is to pray and ask for humility and forgiveness ...and direction:). So we did. And I felt a little better after....Maybe you're hoping this story will end that we went to our neighborhood, invited, and found a perfect family of 5, all of whom are ready to get baptized:). Well....guess what????!!!!!

That didn't happen:). But that hour was wonderful. Because I felt like I got the chance to show Heavenly Father my love for Him and my faith in Him. It was hard! :) But we muscled through it and by the end I was so grateful for the chance to get rejected and denied and kinda made fun of...on behalf of what i love the very very most. 

Well! What a wonderful week! I loooove my companion! She is learning and growing and teaching me so much. And I love this wonderful ward. It's so big and has lots of people...some crazy but they're all awesome. And I get to play the piano lots, as usual:). Love that part of it.

Okay I love you!!! Happy September!

"There is in very deed a Heavenly Father who is in total control." Richard G. Scott. 

Sister Roper