Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The best thing ever..........

Isn't Kaluu so precious? sister skalla sent me these pictures (i moved to a different area in bangkok already so i didn't get to go to his baptism). doesn't he look so happy? sister skalla said he was smiling huge just the whole day:) they got a little primary chair into the font when they baptized him because his legs are paralyzed. even just imagining it is a beautiful imagination. 

so....you know how i was praying for the chance to meet some people who were ready and prepared for the gospel? (JORDAN!!! i MET ROSIE!!! except her name is mong:) but it's like the same story...at least about the first meeting). so i went into seven eleven (there's one on every corner in bangkok literally i would be dead without them) and say this lady with messy hair wearing a shirt with a familiar picture of Christ one it....one by an lds artist. but....i was in a hurry..so i finished buying my poncho and water bottle and walked out of the store...clipped on my helmet...and i just kept thinking a should go back and talk to her but we need to get to a lesson ...and it was about to start POURING litearllly so i didn't wanna wait to long...but i kept thinking about her...and thinking two things: 1.she probs won't be interested anyway. vs. 2. what if this is the only chance in her life she meets a missionary? 4. who am I? a missionary! a representiative. 5. GO BACK IN THE STORE!!!!!. 

so i eventually decided to hearken unto the last...4 options:). turns out she lives alone. pretty lonely in her life. had been pretty mistreated by a few people in her church. is christian already and seraching for answers.....got her number and taught her the next day:). and she is sooo ready for the gospel. Loves church and fhe twice now:)...and is getting baptized in just a couple weeks.

what if i'd gotten on my bike???? and peaced out! dang i dont' even wanna think about htat. i'm sooo grateful that Heavenly Father made my insides all itchy so i coultn'dt to anything but turn around and talk to her. Heavenly Father is sooo many times smarter and better at missionary work.

Oh...and another thing about depending on Heavenly Father for missinoary work....and every other singe thing in life. Lehi traveled in the wilderness "for many hours" before he "began to pray and ask for mercy." then what happened: he had a wonderful dream and receieved timeless revelation. soooo why travel in the wilderness, in the dark, in the cold, on our own?  why wait? we dont' need to:) 

 (But I still love Lehi:))

Okay! I love you all so very much!!!

Sister Roper

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