Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life is wonderful:). The work of the Lord is wonderful. I am sooo glad to be on a mission and to be representing what I love the very most in life. 

This last week we had another wonderful experience with some people who are totally prepared to accept the gospel. I've never taught the Restoration on a first lesson with a Thai person, unless they are already Christian. But this last week we met Waan and Phuum, who asked all the right questions and are sooo interested and so sensitive to the spirit. When we walked into the church together, we told them there was no one else there....little did we know...But while we were teaching them about the Godhead, President Senior (our new mission president) and Kent F. Watson (a member of the seventy who was here for a district  conference) walked into the lesson to shake hands....Two white men in suits with gray-ish hair.....and this was the first time these two investigators had learned about the Godhead...so put two and two together and what do you get? Two Thais thinking the Godhead walked into the room:) hahahahahaha they were suprirised at first and then we all laughed about it.....but anyway the lesson was one of my favorites on my mission. Waan and Phuum were so thirsty. Couldn't wait until we showed them the baptismal font and the Sacrament room:). The gospel is so wonderful.

Also,the Book of Mormon answers every question. Who is Christ and how can He actually help me (Alma 7 and 34)? How do the Book of Mormon and Bible support each other (1 Nephi 13 or 2 Nephi 28:3)? HOw can I make my prayers more sincere? Am I important to God? It's all in this miraculous book! We had one lesson this week when i thought my companion had one and she thought i had one and the member we were teaching didn't have one either....so we had to teach without it....i just about passed out. I felt way less stable and not as supported. I was praying hard and thankfully the SPirit compensated....but i decided I'm never going anywhere ever for the rest of my life, not just my mission, without a copy of the Book of Mormon on my person. For reals. Im not kidding.

Okay i love you allllll  (as in usual).

Also something really great i learned in the District Conference from Elder Watson is that we AREN'T Christ's hands in this work....He could do it without us. But He has enough mercy and love for us to give us the privilege to have a part in sharing the gospel and His gospel and the way to get back to Him with the entire world. Everyone who will listen:). So we're not His hands...we're instruments in HIs hands. But really, this is His battle. So...let's just count our blessings to be instruments:) 

I love you!

Sister Roper

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