Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 20th sorry

Can I tell you something really exciting that we are going to do throughout this week? I'm so excited I can barely contain it. So we have several copies of the Book of Mormon that got rained they're a little wrinkly and warpy (Is that a word? if so, what does it mean? It just sounded like it would work out haha). Their too wrinkly to give away to investigators, but they're the Book of Mormon so I CAN'T imagine throwing them away...that thought like hurts my today we are going to "accidentally" leave them in public places:) for the lucky person who wonders what it picks it up. And our number will be inside because I know there are a few people who want the truth but know not where to find it:). So here we go!!! I looooove the thought of flooooding the world with the Book of Mormon, the most powerful, tangible thing on this earth.

Also....I got moved to another area in Bangkok ....ready, Lauren?...Bangkapi!!!! Yes! Where my trainer was born (her first area)!! I'm really excited because this area is fun and the ward is huge. I couldn't believe going to church yesterday and seeing over 100 people. LIterally blew my mind and made me so excited at how much this country is growing:). My new companion's name is Sister Church. She is soooo great. I love her. I really know that we are supposed to be together. Her faith is kinda dimming a little because she's only three months out, the language is hard, and she hasn't yet seen a baptism which is kinda hard for her. And for me, despite my weaknesses and trials (which are plentiful, like the rest of you), I feel like  I am jumping on hot in Aladdin. Like a just gotta get movin and movin fast because the clock is ticking. I feel like I'm really sprinting. So I feel like she's gonna catch fire pretty soon. I really love her. She's pretty negative, but for some reason it's so funny and loveable. I'm trying to help her love herself a bit more. So i have this notebook where every day i try to help her notice one talent she has, or one thing that she's good at. At first she hated it but now she just gets this bashful little smile when i squeeze it out of her every night:). I love it. Oh and every night we each say two miracles we saw that day. It's changing our lives!

As far as the work it's going well. We're sorting through lots of investigators to find the ones who are truly interested and ready to sincerely prepare for baptism. We've had to drop a few in the last few days...but Heavenly Father always blesses us when we make sacrifices, so on Sunday one man just walked into the church and wanted to learn. Loved church. And says he wants to prepare for baptism:). So....we're gonna keep looking for more like him. 

Okay i hope you all know that I love you so much. I'm so grateful for you, each one of you and your support. I love being on a mission. Missions are soo incredibly hard and so incredibly worth it. Please pray for all the missionaries in the world if you dont' already. We need it! 

Sister Roper

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