Monday, September 17, 2012

Welcome September

Miracles are everywhere...even if you're not looking!!!! This week it was kinda hard to notice them, meaning I had to try a little harder.. But they were THERE. SIster Church and I found a bunch to talk about last night. Sometimes life just clouds up a bit so you can't see as well. But miracles are still always there:)

For example:

-Even though it seems like much of our work is weeding through people who aren't ready for the gospel or who aren't ready to change their lives regardless of our faith and efforts with them, so sometimes it's disappointing (even though that sometimes is how it is, there ARE people ready). I have been praying so hard to find those who are ready for the gospel. We met a few this week. LIke Boat:). She grabbed a book of mormon (like as in ...wanted it so bad just took it...haha i am not counting that as stealing lol) on tuesday at englsih...then started reading it without us even telling her! and we finally had a chance to meet her on friday and get her really started on learning. The spirit was so strong:) I looove that feeling
-When you pray REALLY hard and believe, the Spirit WILL tell you what to say. Oh my, I feel like my whole mission has been spent on trying to better listen and feel and be a vessel to the spirit. It's so hard! But it is wonderful also.
-Another miracle is that when the rain is raining insanely (on the plain) on the streets of Bangkapi, and there are buses and taxis and motorcycles everywhere...and then two sister missionaries on bikes....slipping every which way. Let's just say that I have a few angels over here watching out for me...either that or I am a cat with way more than nine lives (but I like the angel one better:)
-Also, I got a football today at sports day. big deal.
-Also, the BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE! (Still). I open it and get like spiritual gatorade.

Okay i love you all so very much.

Sister Roper

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