Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This week Tangled is coming to Thailand:)

Look up Looy Gratong on google. It's real!!!
Great news in life every day:):
Thanksgiving was wonderful for all of you I hope. It was fun for us! We ate with some Americans and it was DELICIOUS. Oh my and the head of the household, Sister Karony, announced for everyone to hear that I have some kind of funny dance I do (to not be named) that Jamie and Chris told her about over facebook or the phone or something....oh my. So embarrassing. In front of 8 missinoaries and 10 other members. So funnny:). I loooovvvve my family:). My cheeks blushed...which is pretty rare.
I followed President Monson's charge to take a blessing inventory of my life. I divided it up into the last week, month, and year. Oh my. Soo many. Tooo many!:) Most of them are 90 percent are just thigs I've learned and precious revelation I've received. This week we taught this lady Dang about praying and asking questions. She's believed in Heavenly Father for a long time, but she didn't know she could get answers to her prayers and actually communicate with Him. Oh my the Spirit was so strong when we taught her how to pray, to talk to Heavenly Father naturally and intently and ask questions such as, Is this message true? We promised her he would answer through feelings of peace and confidence in her heart. "Really? I thought I had to wait until the last judgment day to know which church was really the true one," she said:). Nope!!!! Isn't it such a blessing that the heavens are OPEN and that we can communicate with Heavenly Father?! Yes it is. I"m so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who wants us to KNOW and not be lost in the darkness of our own minds or thoughts or misunderstandings. We are so blessed.
We are teaching a very old, hilarious women named Runjit and I love her soooo much. She's old but so FILLED with faith and excited to get baptized and I can't wait for her to feel so clean and fresh and pure and free from all her sins. She loves the prophet. I think she actually has a crush on some of them, after showing her the line of Joseph Smith to Thomas S Monson. She prayed about them and asked that she have dreams about them, too:). So cute. She made everyone in the branch laugh yesterday. They invited her to attend the baptism of another investigator and she said, as she was nonchalantly walking out of the church after 4 great but long hours, "No need. I'll see my own on Friday!" Haha so funny.
No Christmas here:). As far as commerciality goes...Christian churches each have activities and stuff like that. Weather - on the daily it's still sunny hot and tropical:). But that's okay. Mormon Tabernacle sings me Christmas Chorals when I put on my mascara every day:).
Okay i love you all so dearly!
Sister Roper

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