Monday, December 3, 2012

Being a missionary is like being a punch bowl. Or a mom.

Being a missionary is like being a punch bowl. Or a mom.

I think being a missionary is kind of being like a mom: you are only one person, but still tons of people depend on you, need you, rely on you. You carry lots of people's burdens with them, even if they don't mean for it to be that way. Sometimes I feel like my subconscious is telling the world, "I dare you to try to have a trial without me carrying it right along with you." It's great. It also makes you realize how merciful and powerful and wonderful the Savior is, that He was able to carry so many peoples' trials, everyone's actually. You get to see the Atonement working in so many peoples' lives and in so many different ways. It's such a blessing and such a pleasure. 
Yesterday I got to see the Atonement working from two different directions: a mother who was sorrowing because of her 15-year-old daughter and some serious mistakes she's made recently, and then the daughter. I saw Blum during church and she was about to cry so i went and asked her what was wrong and she said she felt guilty for something. I told her to not tell me what it was but that we could talk about how to make it better...because the solution is the same for anything that's wrong:). We went outside and sat on the curb so no one would see her tears and we talked about the five steps of repentance: accepting the sin, feeling guilty, confessing with God/priesthood leaders if necessary, resolving the sin and results of it, and forsaking it. She listened so close and felt so relieved that feeling guilty was a good thing....that it was a necessary part of repenting and getting better. Interesting...but sooo true. I love guilt...:) at least what can happen afterwards. Anyway, 
I hugged her and promised her the Atonement was real and repentance would wash it all away. I am so grateful that is the truth! 
Fast forward to after church. The mom was heartbroken. She was standing by herself and seemed like she needed a hug or something. So i went and put my arms around her and she just started sobbing. And I loved her and told her she was a wonderful mom and that the Savior was REAL and would forgive and take away the sins and pains of all of us. And she kept crying and hugged me so tight. It was so sweet. And I felt so happy and grateful for the Atonement that I know is true because I have experienced it.
It was great. I loved it and being like a middleman for people and the Savior. I want my whole life to be like that. I want to do at least one thing every day to help at least one person strengthen their faith in the Savior.

More good news. Remember when we got lost on our bikes for three hours but found Tuy, that man who was so ready for the gospel? Well he and his girlfriend got married a few weeks ago (big deal here because she hasn’t yet graduated from college) so they could keep the Law of Chastity. And they kept reading and keeping the commandments and changing their lives and then....they got baptized on Friday! It was so awesome. I've never seen that before, a husband and wife getting baptized together. It's AMAZING how powerful it is. They help each other and strengthen each other. It's a built in support system. NO wonder Heavenly Father sent us to earth in families. Last night we had dinner with them at a member's house and they already have a goal to go to the temple and Tuy has a goal to get the priesthood in March. So happy. And I was talking to Nan, Tuy's wife, about how at first she wanted nothing to do with the not even two months ago....but that how she changed so quickly.
And I said why do you think that is? why the sudden change? and she said because you missionaries told me to read the Book of Mormon:).

Couldn’t have said it better myself:). The Book of Mormon and the Spirit ARE the best tools in missionary work. And in life in general.

Jordy said there'd be lots of miracles at the end of my blessings coming that had been stored up...and I think he's right. I feel so blessed. I have front row tickets to the best show in the world: seeing people come unto Christ and change their lives and find REAL and LASTING happiness.

It's the best. Okay I love you all!!!

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