Monday, November 19, 2012

Children of life and love.

Good news. Woke up the first day of my last transfer....dreading it the night before....but guess what? Heavenly Father totally helped me and YOUR PRAYERS ARE WORKING!! Because guess what my reaction was to the thought of going home in six weeks? I smiled! I didn't even mean to.

This has been an interesting week. I've been racing racing racing going going going my whole mission. Some people say to sprint to the finish; I feel like I've always been sprinting, and I plan to continue to do so. But I'm realizing that there is a different way to sprint right now...

I'm sprinting to draw closer to Heavenly Father and the Savior. That's the biggest intent that is in my heart. And guess how that's going to happen? 

I realized through prayer and revelation and a little friction in our companionship (though Sis Stolworthy and I love each other a lot), that I have been pushing too hard. And slowing down her development. And her language and teaching skills. And not meaning to. I'm just real real red. And she is real real white/blue. And so naturally I was just stumping her out a little....So my goal for this transfer is to be a greenie again! Crazy huh! I have a rule to not touch the phone! Ha ha so she can have that opportunity (she agrees with it, even though it is challenging for her). I feel so great...I have a hole in my tongue for how often I have to bite it. But she is in the lead! Each lesson, each idea. I make a few suggestions here and there but very little. Oh my! In just a few days she has blossomed! and been way mores stressed also ha ha but in a good, need-to-experience kind of way. 

It's crazy that sprinting for me is forcing myself to walk behind someone else. It's a great lesson for me to learn.

Also, I love you all so very much and am looking forward to seeing and hugging and loving and talking with each of you. Thank you for your endless support and prayers.

The Book of Mormon is true! Open it today if you haven't already.

Sister Roper

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