Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This birthday shout out includes last week and today and next week for Daddy and Jonah and Shan and Ryan and Claire and Brittany:) I hope your days were wonderful and full of joy.

Well not too much to say today...actually that's totally a lie because I always accidentally have lots to say...but I have no time. So suffice it to say that:

I love being a missionary. And. I. Cannot. Imagine. Leaving. This. Place. And the many people I love with my entire soul. There was a fireside last night for President Smith. My eyes fogged. There were pictures from this last three years including the flood and lots of new buildings and people getting baptized. My beautiful Sister Itow was in a few of them so of course I was ecstatic to see those. But the best thing about the fireside was seeing some new converts that I began teaching in Roiet. I only got to teach them for a week because they were up visiting their mom (Lauren-Maliwan's daughter) and they were sooooooooo ready to go. Oh my they loved the Book of Mormon and every single thing about the gospel. And they called us angels:) when really that's what i thought of them:). And last night I saw them, Nxg and Nad, and they came up to me with tears in their eyes and hugged me and cried and thanked me. I literally cannot describe the joy that missionary work brings...seeing others taste the delicious truth of the gospel and partake of it throughout their lives. I hadn't seen them after they got baptized until last night. They looked so different and light and happy and full. And they showed me their Books of Mormon and said they'd finished and started over already:). Oh my it's amazing how real the Savior and Atonement are. Anyone can change because of Him. 

I"m so blessed:)

I love you all!
Sister Rope

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