Friday, June 8, 2012

-Lag Sii (the new area we just opened)
-My companion (literally the best example of D and C 58:26. Just does so many things for other people, remembers who to call, where people live, how to teach well....)
-When your companion speaks Thai (makes like ten trillion times easier...didn't even know until now. She remembers like people's names and foods and where people live and all sorts of things that i have to try really hard to tattoo into my brain)
-Working with less actives. So hard (until you pray about it) and so rewarding (once you do).

-Teaching people who are so amazingly ready to receive the gospel. It's true! The field is WHITE! (Like these three girls that work at an ice cream place by our house...we visited to get some coconut ice cream the other day and I asked them if they wanted to learn about Jesus Christ and they were already Christian and had been looking for a church we taught them the next day about the restoration--about how God restored the same authority and church that was here when Christ was on the earth, and then left shortly after the apostles were killed, but then came back again through Joseph Smith--and they were sooo happy. I thought one of them was gonna straight up jump out of her chair...she like couldn't contain her excitement. She's like, "I've always wondered why there are so many churches in the world, and so many different Christian sects. I am sooo grateful, i am so happy that you came and gave us this truth that we've been wanting our whole lives!" She literally like almost bursted. It was so cute.

-Seeing the Savior's Atonement work in other people's lives. One of the best experiences of my life happened this last week. We've been assigned to visit a less active woman in our ward, who purposefully happens to be our neighbor (perfffect). Anyway she hasn't been to church in over a year and no one knew why. But timing was perfect for us to move in at this time, because she was ready to reveal her concern that we preventing her from going to church and progressing. She realized this week that she can repent again...that after baptism she is not required (nor is it possible for her) to be perfect. She was like, "Really?" And tears just started rolling down her wrinkly cheeks...and we talked about the Savior helps us overcome sin and weaknesses our whole lives. (Otherwise, I'd be toast.) She had such a humble heart and contrite spirit, like one of the most humble states I've ever seen. It was sooo powerful to see the Atonement take effect. It's so real and I'm so grateful I got to be in the chair next to her as the Spirit taught her this.

I love you all,
Sister Roper

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