Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Okay so I'm not really the type to write too much about investigators abut i have to update about Galuu.
Every time we taught him for five days or so, we'd walk into a cloud of smoke in his apartment and a big think of alcohol on his desk. So we finally taught the word of wisdom the fourth time we saw him. And he accepted on the spot. I honestly was nervous before. Thought he'd be like, "Okay well there's the door. Peace." But i had a strong feeling to teach it so we just jumped into teaching it. Because...
I hope that made sense...:)
Then he came to church. We walked with him from his apartment to the church  and pushed his wheelchair and the whole time he was so happy. He is the happiest person I have every met. Has the biggest smile and big white teeth. And he's in pain all the time. And he fell out of his wheelchair when someone was pushing him too fast this past week....and took himself to the hospital. But didn't complain or anything...we had to like squeeze it out of him why he wasn't answering his phone. And then we saw his wound from falling out and it was so big:(. But he just kept smiling.
And remember how on that day I was so grumpy and hungry and tired and had a headache. TOTALLY did NOT deserve to meet such a man as Galuu. So prepared and humble and wonderful. He's getting baptized in a few weeks and I'm sad I won't be here. But I'll see him again...and by that time he'll be walking:).
I love you all. The gospel changes lives. And mine every day. Let it change yours. Just try a little harder and it will sink right in once we open the door.

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