Friday, May 4, 2012

I am a professional boxer

Well...almost. Joshy have you heard of Muay Thai fighting? It's like boxing...but not (honestly I have no idea what the difference is). So we (Sister Supansa is with us for two weeks, a khon Thai who extended her mission for two weeks...which PS has been awesome. She's so fun and I'm learning a TON from's sometimes nice to have someone older than me in the mission again for sure. And she's just an awesome, very loving and caring missionary) We went to this famous Muay Thai fighting gym and just did like an intro training session for an hour and a half. Oh my sooo fun. I wore boxing gloves and everything (Ash-Jaxson would be proud, huh!) and kicked the punched and even kicked a punching bag. And a person. I kept saying, "Oh I'm sorry! Did that hurt?" And they would just laugh (the training coaches) because 1. Obviously it DIDN'T hurt..I'm like the weakest kicker on the planet...and a girl....and blonde...and whatever. And 2. Because if it DID hurt, that would probably be a sign that I was doing something right hahaha so they wouldn't be mad. For heaven's sake it's a fighting gym. Anyway...It was very fun.
Also, Sister Skalla's bike broke so there were 3 missionaries...and two bikes. And 6 hours of work to do....So we took turns sitting on the back and waving to all those we passed. Haha we were quite the sight.
I miss Songkraan. It's hotter than like...the hottest thing you can think of. Warm up your brainies and fill in the blank.

This week was just really wonderful. I love teaching the gospel. I really do. It makes me dizzy to think of how quickly time is passing. I've basically and happily forgotten how to text, do make up more than mascara, speak English correctly (or type correctly, holy hannah please forgive me)....among other things. I feel like the same person and a new person and a different person all in once.
Don't know where the halfway marker is but people say it's passed I'd say the things I've learned and loved the most prominently in the last few months include: One. just a simple yet really deep love for serving my Heavenly Father. Despite any kind of possibly negative or trying experience, I love that I can say that this is all for Him regardless of what happens. I love Him. Second is an awakened and much more profound love and respect towards the Book of Mormon. I love it. It is so powerful and wonderful and unique and true. Third is a gratitude for the family, especially for mine. It's the best in the world:). I love you all:).
Okay...Be strong and noble and kind and true and loving and smiling and peace-filled and grateful.
Sister Roper

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