Friday, May 4, 2012

"The hearts of the children will turn to their fathers"

Great week! Missionary work is so fun!!! We've been teaching about family history since a Zone training on it...I'll be honest, I didn't really see how much we could use family history in missionary work since there are so many other things to teach. Well Grandma and Grandpa Smith and Aunt Pat....I LOVE IT! The Spirit of Elijah is real. We have taught several less active members, investigators, and recent converts about family history and it is amazing how immediately the Spirit comes.
The Assistants to the President promised that family history will CHANGE Thailand. Isn't that so cool? I know it's true, too. I can feel it. Many people in Thailand pay a lot of respect to their ancestors (escpecially through Buddhist practices), so there is already a built in love and honor towards ancestors...far more than there is in America, I feel like. So history will change this country!!! Everyone should take a gander through this week:)
To answer your question, Daddy:
My favorite thai food is this dish called khaaw man guy. It means rice cooked in chicken juice and then chicken breast on it. That's this delicious sauce from heaven. Second favorite is cashew chicken:) third is mangostiens and somtam (papaya salad). least favorite....hmmmmm blood? or crickets?  or pig neck (i could like still see the hairs on it...sickis). I didn't really like either of you may have guessed. The food in Thailand really is soo delicious, though. What they say is true.
Okay I love you all. I'm so grateful to be a missionary and I thank you with all my soul for you love and friendship and support! I'm praying for you back!!
Sister Roper

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