Monday, May 7, 2012

Oh my a very humbling experience yesterday...always love those even if they sting a little...

So Sister Skalla asked me this week: "Do you ever feel guilty that we don't really keep the Sabbath Day Holy?" Haha isn't that funny? Guilty as in because we work work work all day, and really don't have any "rest" at all in some respect. I kind of just laughed...and moved on studying because she's like half right. Usually Sunday consists of church (which is great) and then teaching in the heat of the day and going to visit some investigators who didn't make it to church unfortunately, so there's room for sometimes a little disappointment on Sundays. And yesterday we were a bit hungry and it was the end of a week so a little tired, too. So just when I was kinda feeling a little selfish and realizing that it's true what they say, missions aren't just fairytales and say the least...Heavenly Father lovingly reminded how blessed I am and how grateful I should giving me this experience:

A member named Yuy (who I love and am trying my hardest to get her on a mission because she's 26, awesome, and single) helped us teach at 6. And by 7 we had about 30 mins until we had to be home. So we took her home and said we wanted to use these last 30 minutes by praying and then finding someone in her apartment complex who needed the gospel....We were excited and nervous and kind of had like nervous butterflies but I was excited because experiences like this ALWAYS give me a faith booster because it's like the purest form of missionary work. Just goin' out with your tag and testimony.

Yuy's neighbor always has really loud music on. And it's usually really sad songs. So she figured he had a broken heart, even though she's never met him before. So we started with him. There were 20 apartments on her floor and only one had a ramp in front of it...and it was this guy's but I didn't know why until he opened the door. I was expecting some kinda rude and disinterested man who would be mad we knocked. But instead, after we knocked, music went off and a hopeful voice say from inside said, "Who is it?" And I said, "Missionaries for Jesus Christ." And he asked again so I said it again. And then he said to come in, and I didn't know why he didn't come to the door himself (probably lazy, I figured), and so we opened it. And then I saw that he was in a wheelchair. Both of his legs are paralyzed and the mobility in one of his hands. Oh my and it was like my selfish and premonition-filled charity-less and faithless scales just fell off and I just immediately felt so sorry. For how I'd misjudged him and not been excited to be a missionary for a second and that I had made assumptions without knowing him. Gaaluu welcomed us in. He loved the message about Christ, said he had wanted to be Christian as soon as he became disabled 7 years ago (I don't know how yet) but didn't really know what to do or how to do it, he'd just heard that for some reason this Christ was merciful to everyone. 

And he needed mercy.We told him we could help him come unto Christ and be healed in his life. We gave him a picture of the Savior holding a lamb on our way out. And he kissed it:).

Oh my I love my Savior. I love that He heals physically, and even more important, spiritually. I am so grateful He loves us even though we've done nothing at all do deserve it, except be his younger brothers and sisters. I was just filled with so much love for Him and so much gratitude for the opportunity to do His work and be a little tiny part of sharing His message and restored gospel. I'm so grateful for the mercy He showed me last night by helping me realize how much I have to be grateful for, to be on a mission and have these precious opportunities to bring others unto Christ and draw closer to Him while doing it. I'm so blessed:)

Okay, I love you all! 
Sister Roper

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