Monday, January 9, 2012

There is such a thing as Needing to Singing Tone Deaf

Yes. It's true. I thought I'd never see the day.So music invites the Spirit better than most things can. So we sing before almost every lesson we teach. This week I was switching off with a member (so Sister King and Sister Maxwell could teach another lesson at the same time), and we chose to sing, "Praise to the Man." And it only took a line or so for me to realize that this member (who is wonderful and so faithful and helpful...and a little tone deaf:) was getting a little of course the music brat in me tried to steady (and sharpen) her pitch a little by sticking to the correct key....But she just kept going, I swallowed my pride and thought, "Either I sing the right key and on pitch, and we have "Praise to the Man in the key of D AND D flat simultaneously, or I try to match her pitch and at least we'll be singin' in unison." So I chose the latter so at least we wouldn't be singing lots of disharmonized (unharmonized?) notes lol. "Praise to the Man" spanned probably like 6 keys in the course of 3 verses. Awesome:). I NEVER thought I'd sing tone deaf ON PURPOSE. But alas, the day has come. Totally worth it. And yes it still brought the Spirit:).T

his week I realized another reason I lovvvve being a missionary: because I have the privilege and responsibility and opportunity to talk to ANYONE and EVERYONE about the gospel. It's so refreshing to be a full time representative of the Savior. We had another Nok-like experience, where we started teaching a family who at first was pretty sassy and tried to get rid of us, but it was weird, I just had this drive in the center of my soul that we still needed to teach them and try hard. I LOOOVE doing that: convincing people that this message is worth listening to, and then having a spiritual experience with them so they know it's worth for themselves. Teaching them (Deek and Somsak) was soo awesome. It felt so familiar, like the message and just them. And when we left I felt so high in the clouds, just soooo filled with joy. Something I never could have experienced without serving a mission. I'm so grateful to be here. Heavenly Father blesses us sooo much every day.

"That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God." He is so powerful and so full of love. I'm so grateful I can be on His side and do His work. I love you all!Love, Sister Roper

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