Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jan 15th

"STOP KILLING WHALE"I'm pretty sure it should be "whales"....but I still saw it on a shirt yesterday hahaha. English translations are sometimes HILARIOUS. Like on birthday cards I see stuff like: "May your live be full with happiness, health that is good, success in all you do, and love for every time." Sensical? Not sure, either haha.Hello!!!! Another fabulous week. We're heading down to Bangkok for transfer meeting on Wed-Thurs. We'll see what happens, but I'm expecting to stay in Roiet with Sister King. Sister Maxwell will probably open a new area and train. She totally rocks and I will miss her. All of the sudden I get along with people who are stubborn and red like me...Weird:)

Oh my goodness okay so little time…

My first favorite part of last week: I did a “gratitude fast” (totally recommend it, it’s super cleansing and powerful and awesome and you realize how many blessings you have) and in the midst of the fast had a sad experience that would have been disappointing but it wasn’t because…okay I will just tell it. That will be easier.

So a family we’re teaching, (Deek and Somsak), who I love and have prayed and studied and thought a lot about, told us honestly why they can’t ever accept Christ as their Savior and forsake Buddhism. They gave us lots of reasons that honestly made lots of sense in the brain area but none in the heart area. And despite as hard we tried or as strong as the Spirit had been at times, they still aren’t ready to accept and live by the truth. I almost cried and I don’t cry that often. And as we were leaving their home, I realized (so remember this is during the fast) how grateful I was for that experience. To represent and testify of Jesus Christ despite the slightly hostile environment. It was an interesting experience, to leave something that WAS disappointing and could have been discouraging, but rather being filled with gratitude for the opportunity to at least try, and to invite others to taste the sweetest and purest thing this life has to offer.

“Blessed be the name of our God; let us SING to His praise; yea, let us give thanks to his holy name; for He doth work righteousness forever” (Alma 26:8). So true. I’m so grateful for this gospel and my Savior. And that I can represent Him and serve Him. We are sooo lucky!!!

I love you all!

Sister Roper

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