Sunday, July 10, 2011


I (this Jamie, Bre's oldest sister) just barely got pictures downloaded from Bre's MTC drop-off so I know these are out of order from her first letter, sorry.Here is beautiful Sister Roper (all set apart just without the tag) leaving Albuquerque, NM and heading to Provo, Ut.
We had a great 'last day' here in Utah with Bre. All of us sisters went to our favorite restaurant in Sandy. We've all been able to work for the same man, at the same real estate office over the span of 9 years so it was kind of tradition to go to this little place and eat, one last time while we are all here in Utah. We ate and ate and ate, then headed to my (still Jamie) house and guess what? Ate some more! We had chocolate fondue with all the fixins. Bre hit her bedtime of 10:00 (not sure she slept but she was in bed). Wednesday morning we had crepes, fresh fruit, and skyped with the brothers who aren't here in Utah. Then we headed down to Provo for one last Cafe Rio fix before heading to the MTC.
Our last sista picture for 18 months............... only 1 of these sista's didn't cry. Any guesses?Bre scoring her last kiss :)
Beth and Bre
Kayden, Trace & Brooks (the kisser :)

Shan and Jonah
Off she goes! She was very excited to enter the MTC, no tears or anxiety or nerves (or so it seemed to us). Having been on a mission I will say that it is much harder to be the one staying home than it is the one leaving. She has so many new and exciting adventures ahead!

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