Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Catch up

-Family: Sister Stolworth discovered my "di" voice. She thinks it's hysterical. I'm still so embarrassed and insecure about it...but she requests it on the daily haha. Getting warmed up so I can still do it when I get home! Haha
Uhmmm......this week was great...so many miracles every day i like don't even know what to write about anymore....so maybe I"ll just send pictures....
Simple missionary story tht could happen to any one of us:
We were passing out fliers for English Class at this big sweet outdoor market. ANd I was really smiley and nice and friendly and people always stare at me anyway because i'm white and blonde and then once they figure out i can speak thai it's like i jumped from mars to earth or something....anyway...i started talking to a nice stranger and come to find out he was ready for the gospel! So great. i got so excited and filled with happiness and gratitude that i was right there at that second. ANd had just finished a waffle because if i hadn't finished it yet i woulda been to caught up in the waffle and not in the soul of the man....anyway we talked for a few minutes and i told him about my favorite thing...the BOok of Mormon...and he said he wanted one (whcih of course is like the best gift anyone coudl give...the desire to get a Book of Mormon). So we totally and inconveniently walked through the herd of hundreds of people across the busy street through more herds and crowds and noodle stands and fried rice stands and fruit stands and homemade scarves stands to get to ....our bikes so i could get him a Book of Mormon i'd randomly decided to store in my basket since that morning. He said he was so grateful and I was too! He's not from chiang mai so i will never see him again probably. But i'm so glad that i could have been there when he got the most precious tangible gift he will ever receive.
I love you all!
Sister Roper

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