Monday, October 8, 2012

Always room for seconds....even on bike crashes

But it's okay....i only have one cut and five bruises. And I still think strate and can spel werds rite.

Sooooooooo for the real experience of the week:::

I've always wanted this to happen on my investigator who's been investigating for a long time and then a miracle happens to the point when they are able to make the first step into baptism when I get the chance to be there. It happened! Ney has been learning and coming to church weekly since last year. She's read almost through to the end of Alma in the Book of Mormon and she's a very active fellowshipper. But her mom wouldn't let her get baptized. In Thailand, family pressure is HUGE. Most feel they must consult with their families, espcially parents, before they do anything too drastic in their lives...including schooling, friends, dating, and religion. And there are some cases when someone is prevented from learning because of family ties. But there are also situations where they have so much faith that they overcome those obstacles:). Those are the best.  Anyway. This month we went through all our investigators, even formers, and made a list of all those who could realistically be ready for baptism within the month. I suggested Ney. Sister Church looked at me funny. "LIke seven sets of sisters have tried already. Her mom is sooo stubborn." I just said "whatever" or something and said we could be set number eight:). So we prayed prayed prayed prayed. We'd met her mom and taught Ney three times already last month, and her mom wouldnt' yield. But she knew us and liked us...and so there was at least a good start there. 

So we try to meet with Ney for two weeks. Can you believe it? Two weeks and sooo much stuff came up. Like her schooling, or testing, or her mom wasnt' home, or we got out of another appt late, or someone was sick ...or there was a tornado in Thailand randomly (....just kidding that didn't happen. Just monsoons like you've never seen). And I KNEW with my whole soul that it was totally Satan thinking he was the stuff. Trying to get in the way. But whatever , I told him to get out of the way and give up....eventually he did:). The night we finally got to get over to Ney's house...oh my,  like as soon as we parked our bikes and walked in...the Spirit was so strong I felt like my heart was gonna pop out of my chest. Like it was hard to swallow. It was sooo cool. I just knew tonight was the night. Anyway. Ney's mom is ironing. And I've been looking for opportunities to serve so I asked to iron a shirt for her and she laughed and was surprised I knew how (I didn't tell her I stunk at it.....I guess she found out about that eventually anyway) that was cool. THen we sat down,  sang and prayed. And then we just started talking about baptism and testimony in the Savior and the important of getting baptized by God's true authority that is on the earth again for the first time since Christ was here and how that is the only way we can return to Heavenly Father and Ney will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and get baptized on September 30? And she said yes....but points over to her mom...who's fixing the shirt I just ironed (lol)...and she looks up and smiles at us and looks down again...and I'm like, "Ning, we've prayed and feel strongly that Ney is ready. Will you allow her to be baptized?" 

She puts the iron down, picks up and examines the shirts to make sure if there were nor more wrinkles..And i'm like over there sweatin...everyone's waiting for the answer.....

Puts the shirt down so she can see our faces.

Throws her arms in the air and says, "OKAY!!"

Hahaha. awesome huh.

Ney's like, "Whaaatttt? really?" And shrieks with joy. It was so awesome.

Basically Heavenly Father is just so much in control. We have no idea of HIs timing or HIs plans sometimes, but we CAN be sure the He knows all things and all things will always work out according to His timing. I love being here for Him:). Oh my EVERY minute is so precious these days. Seriously I can't describe it any other way.


Sister Roper who loves alll of you.

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