Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Catch Up

Nottt kidding. Totally expected to spend the next three months in Bangkok. But this last week I was pleasantly surprised to called to serve in Chiang Mai!!!!! (pronounced kinda like shang my).Lauren I hope you're freaking out:). Heaven is smiling on me. In huge amounts, seriously. I hfeel so incredibly blessed for many reasons:

-New beautiful neice! Welcome to the  world Avery Jane!!!
-Got word the Ney's baptism went smoothly and that the Spirit was strong;)
-I get to leave busy stinky wonderful but stinky Bangkok and serve in the most beautiful place I've ever seen. SEriously. ANd there's a mountain! It's so green and beautiful and dreamy. ANd this little city is soooo charming and cute and colorful and fillllllled with brick streets and cool touristy places and fruit and delicious food and fun and heavenly weather....sooo cool and just not as humid and oh my. It's a pleasure even to get lost around here. For real.
-I'm living in a house with four sisters! It's sooooo fun. There are four missionary companionships here (two elders and two sisters) because there is o much work to do.
-I'm in a really well-functioning branch of the Church. THe members are loving and strong and willing to help and the leaders understand their roles and responsibilities. It's just such a pleasure.
-My FIRST area with an investigator pool. Usually I get the broken ones or zero ones that gotta get built up. BUt it's sooooo great to work with people who are already progressing. And reading their scriptures and praying and having spiritual experiences and loving coming to church:). Bahhhh!!!! MIssionary work is sooooooo fun.
-I LOVE my companion. Sister Stolworthy. 
-My mission has gotten to be so fun because Heavenly Father is really teaching me how to gve it all to Him. Work my hardest for sure, but then give it to him. LIke President Monson said, "Do your duty at it's best; leave to the Lord all the rest." Wonderful news:)
-FAMILY AND FRIENDS! I AM SO HAPPY!  And oh so very blessed. We are so blessed to have the gospel. It's true! live it and love it!

SIster ROper

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