Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here are some funny things taxi drivers say/ask:

"Are you from Holland?"
"Your Thai isn't very clear."
"You can speak Thai? How many years have you been here!?"
"I'm Buddhist."....Really? Duh.....
Okay the BEST one ever....One driver asked me which state I was from, and upon my reply of New Mexico (holler to all you New Mexicans out there:)), I fully expected him to assume Mexico, like everyone else does:)....which he did....but I did NOT expect this response: "MEXICO? Uh oh..Mexicans are bad people...They're taking over Iraq. They're trying to take over the world and they are starting with Iraq." HahahahHAHAHAHAHa he was sooo serious. I couldn't even share the gospel after that more than just give him a pass along card as he kept talking (and started raising his voice as we got out of the car because he wanted to keep telling us about the supposed Mexican overthrow of Iraq...). Obviously he needs to check his sources:).

OH my goodness I'm started to get addicted to Bangnaa and the people here. They love us. And what's even better, a handful of investigators have got the Book of Mormon fire:). It is so cool to see it growing within them and see their lives changing and their eyes getting so much brighter. The Book is true:). Sooo true. And it changes lives faster than anything else. Because it gives faith and a testimony in Christ...which is fundamental to any kind of lasting change or happiness in this life...And the next.

One man, Giad, told us he didn't care about learning too much, so we started teaching his relatives instead but he's still listen in on the lessons. Eventually he started asking good questions, so we sweitched the focus back over to him after a few lessons. He started praying and reading the Book of Mormon. When we first met him, he wasn't super clean. He had a nonchalant view of life and didn't really care too much. Now he wants to learn all he can. He showers and dresses up so nicely for church every Sunday. He was so humbled and relieved to know that there is a Savior and that he can repent! And that he can become clean from sins through baptism and enduring to the end. He smiles every time we show up at his home. Smiles so big. He is not particulary smart or handsome and he doesn't have very much money. The world might measure his worth pretty small. But he is changing and the change is priceless and infinite and wonderful. And it all started with that wonderful Book that is so true. That told Giad he has a Savior Who is real and Who loves him and can and WILL help him. I'm learning how important it is to do my very best in all I do. That matters to Heavenly Father so much more than any kind of number, any measure of wealth, any level of beauty, any measure of worldy success. The level of effort and faith we put into things is so much more important. Like President Uchtdorf said, "All of the money in the world could not even buy a loaf of bread in the economy of heaven." It's so true. Heavenly Father looks at our hearts.

I always want mine to be pure:).I love you all. Thank you for your wonderful love and support!

Sister Roper

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