Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Did we mention Bre picked up a greenie last week?

I loooooooooooooove having a new missionary! It's sooo stinking fun. Especially since Sister Skalla is so positive and fun and excited to be in Thailand and excited to be a missionary and excited to learn Thai. So the two most asked questions right now for her are: "What is your name?" And "Where are you from?" So she decided to make it easier by just saying, "My name is Sister Las Vegas" in Thai....:) hahaha actually she just mixed up the words in Thai...and the person was very confused...until we all realized the mistake and laughed it away.

Sister Skalla works really hard and walks fast (So, Dad, you know I already love her)! Today we are going to play with crocodiles at a crocodile farm and she's like stoked....like me. We made tostadas (which started as quesadillas but Thailand's cheese supply is scant, then to enchiladas, but Thailand's cheese supply is scant, then to fajitas but our homemade tortillas we delicious but crumbly, to tostadas...so we coudl just stack all the stuff on the crumbly tortillas. Cooking American/Mexican/Americanized-Mexican food in Thailand is an adventure to be sure) last night and it we were laughing the whole time.

This week my scripture marking pens have decorated Alma 17-20 something crazy. I've been trying to follow the Spirit more closely, so I decided to learn from Ammon's example. Those chapters are loaded!! Sometimes before teaching I get nervous and anxious. From Ammon, I'm learning that it's important to just go about doing good and trust in the ideas and feelings I get as I'm going about serving...even random things like de-arming rampaging Lamanites...or in our case, teaching an unexpected and unplanned lesson...through simply listening to and relying on the Spirit. I'm SOOO grateful and glad and blessed that we have the Spirit to rely on. Otherwise I'd be an anxious, unproductive bundle of farang! And I'm grateful for the Book of Mormon that teaches me lessons like this one.

Okay i love love LOVE you all:)

Sister Roper

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