Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hello family and friends who I love!!!

I had an interesting Thanksgiving. The Assistants called on Wednesday and said we needed to come down to Bangkok to renew Sister Itow's visa (even though she only has two weeks left, lol). So after 10 hours on an overnight bus, we slept at a church for a few hours, went to the visa place, she raised her hands, and we got back on a bus. 20 hours of transportation for a 20 second raise of the hand! Oh well:). While waiting for the bus, we stopped at this huge really hi-so mall in Bangkok and had Mexican food...on Thanksgiving! Haha something I've certainly never done before:) but fun nonetheless.
Being in Bangkok totally reminded me of DC and made me miss my DC friends (so hello and I love you to all of you:) and DC...and all the travel was pretty tiring I missed my area and doing missionary work. So it felt soooo good to finally have a chance to talk to a taxi driver about God and prayer. Time was so short and I had missed talking about the gospel so much that I just bore testimony and like pled with him (in a friendly way) to pray and talk to his Heavenly Father. His reaction was sincere and I hope so much that he tried it once we got out at the bus stop. Sharing the gospel makes me so happy. It is so refreshing and wonderful. Sister Itow is on her way out. I am going to cry, I know it, even though I'm not really a crier:). She has been a wonderful trainer and such a good example of a good, faithful missionary: she trusts Heavenly Father and talks to Him often and sincerely; she loves the people we teach and wants them to taste the sweetness of the gospel; she loves and values the Book of Mormon and promised herself to read it every day the rest of her life; she is trustworthy and wanted to help me succeed in every way. We can all learn from her example:). So there's a little tribute to my wonderful trainer. I hope to one day be the missionary she was.
Okay I love you all so much and can't tell you how much I love the gospel and Thai and Thai and the Book of Mormon and gospel and Thai and prayer and praying and my trainer and being a missionary and my family family family and being in Thailand.And I love love LOVE all of you. Thank you soo much for your prayers and love.
Love,Sister Roper

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