Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 12th

Family!!! I got the package from Mom and Dad! The wedding pictures are stunning. Everyone looks so happy and wonderful and Haylie, wow what a gorgeous bride:). Jordan you looked cute:). You're getting wrinkles on your eyes because you smile and laugh somuch. I'm obsessed with them so don't stop. KAYDEN THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SNOWFLAKES!! I love that you wrote to bre love kayden on every single one! And mom the fudge is delicious:). My companions thank you:). And the tree is up on our kitchen table and SIster King had some lights and tinsel and our house is just a cute little ball of Christmas joy:). Oh my mom I love that cinnamon scent stuff. Smells WONDERFUL and like home:). I can't wait to open all the notes on the tree and presents on Christmas. Thank you!!! I sent off a package to Josher last week, and Jamie should be meeting with Sister Itow everyone will get their Christmas love from me and Thailand!!-

Oh my goodness. Everyone is sooo freezing? ME TOO!!!! It's like 60 here at night and I diiieee. And drink hot cocoa as soon as i get home:) haha. I think my body is acclimated to hoooot weather. But just know that we are all suffering the cold together hahahaha

Well family and friends who I love so much! Hi hi hi! Awesome wonderful fun crazy week. We went down to transfers, I dropped off Sister Itow (and did what any responsible new missionary would do upon parting with her trainer...cried like a baby lol), and picked up TWO companions in replacement. Wow! I'm in a threesome and it's great. Sister Maxwell harks from AZ (yes, she's a wildcat, Beth and Shan), and we figured out that when I went to visit Beth last December, we both were part of a big group of institute kids who went to look at this famous neighborhood of Christmas lights. Haha...small world. Sister Maxwell is really great; she's so sweet and loving and she knows way more Thai than SIster King and I do but she helps us in a really patient way. Sister King and I were in the MTC together, so I already knew her! And loved her:). She is sooo relaxed which is great for me...because I'm not sure I'd exactly describe myself as such....I feel so fortunate to have such wonderful companions. We are already working really hard and enjoying it all the same.

Missionary work is lots of work and energy and sweat and sometimes tears...but so FUNNNNN all the while:). I'd prayed really hard to just be filled with charity for my new companion (little did I know it would be companions) and Heavenly Father was very generous:), as usual. Can I tell you how much I love being a missionary? Okay. I love it 8907 pounds of papaya, 879 feet of buddha height, 7896 cartons of lactasoy soy milk, 4567 ants, 768 bottles of mosquito repellant, 67 hours of riding buses blasting Thai music and arctic air at 4 in the morning so we wake up before we hit Bangkok, and back:). This week we were in a few lessons where we told the people we are teaching how much we love them, or the Book of Mormon or the Savior. Oftentimes the Spirit just got so strong I feltlike I could cut it with a knife. Expressing love invites the Spirit because God is love. I love that idea:).

Okay I love all of you so so very much. Show your love to someone today:)

Love,Sister Roper

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