Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 4th

Hello family and friends who I love with all my heart!

Things are going so well on the other side of the world. I love being a missionary more and more every day, and I am so grateful. This week is going to be a bit different...we are going down to Bangkok for transfer meeting...and my trainer is headed back home to Dansville, California. I am really going to miss Sister Itow. She is a wonderful, faithful, fun, spirited missionary and person and has certainly become one of my closest friends. I am sooo grateful Heavenly Father put us together so we could weather Dengue, bike crashes, new missionary hiccups together, and also so we could learn and grow together. My new companion (I'll find out who it is on Thursday) is going to be wonderful and I can't wait for all the adventures and growth we are going to experience together. But say a prayer for me on Thursday, if you remember, because I'll probably by shedding a tear or fourteen:).

NamKang, a wonderful almost 20-year-old who recently got baptized, told us she wants to go on a mission next year!!! Oh my it was the happiest moment of the week:). Isn't that so wonderful??? I can't wait for her to build the kingdom in this wonderful, growing we can get a temple sooner!! She's a sweet sweet girl and I love her so much. It's so great how the gospel and a mutual love for the Savior can bring people of all walks of life so close. I love the people in this mission and country.

Remember Sing? He's the Sam-Law (taxi thing) driver who got baptized a few months ago, who gave up smoking and drinking pretty heavily in one day and who is already an enthusiastic missionary member? So we got in his Sam-Law this week and it was plastered with pictures of baptism or the Savior or the Book of Mormon! It was so fun! We laughed because it was so cute and funny and awesome and inspiring. He even had his baptism program laminated and posted up for all of Roiet citizens seeking transportation to see. He is not ashamed of the changes he's made in his life and of what he knows is true. I love him and I love how he's on fire with the gospel!

Okay so this week there were some moments when my brain was telling me I should be discouraged or mad or impatient or grumpy or some other negative emotion. So I tried real hard to pray pray pray it off. And eventually I came across this scripture: "For God loveth a cheerful giver." (2 Corinthians 9:7). That's what I want to be:). Life and missions and life are so much easier when you give your heart to Heavenly Father, cheerfully. And you give of yourself cheerfully. Because otherwise doing good things does us no good. and give cheerfully today:). And always.Okay I love love love you all and miss you too!!

Love, Sister Roper

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