Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello Hello

Hello friends and family who I love so so much!! I hope all is well and that everyone has Halloween costumes picked out and are eating caramel apples sometime in the next ten days. No Halloween over here, but that's okay:). So celebrate it for me!!

We're teaching a girl named Miu (me-you), and she...we learned this week...loves inviting her friends to hear about the gospel. We mentioned on Tuesday that we'd return on Wednesday and she could take us to her neighbor's house after the lesson so we could find a new family to teach! We crossed our fingers (and prayed, of course) that they would be there the next day. So Wednesday rolled around and we taught Miu the beginning of the Plan of Salvation (basically, Heavenly Father's plan for us to have the most joy in this life and be able to return to Him in the next life). When the lesson was over, she jumped up excitedly and took us to her neighbors. (We were still praying they'd be there....) And when we arrived, the whole neighborhood was there:). Mostly youth at first, waiting for us, but as soon as we talked to one of the dad's and were welcomed into his home, people just kept pouring in the door:). It was sooo cool. We sang "I am a Child of God" and taught lots of people how to pray that night. I'm excited for this week to go back and teach a handful of them again:).
I love love love this gospel. This week I felt more than ever the sadness and weight that comes when people choose to reject the message of the Savior. It's baffling and heartbreaking to me to think that anyone could not lay hold upon the message of Christ and do all they can to become more and more like Him. I love my Savior so much and will defend Him and His gospel to the very very very very end. I am so blessed to know Him and love Him and learn and teach about Him every single day.

Love you all so much and always,Sister Roper

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