Sunday, October 16, 2011

Conference Rocks!!

Oh my I LOOOOOVE my family and friends!!! Thank you all for you letters, prayers, and support. I feel them every day and could not be a missionary without you!! I pray for all of you and hope all is well.

Okay this week was amazing! We were so busy and we taught a lot, but like Josh said, quality is way more important than quantity, so we tried to make every lesson and person very important. We pray sooo many times a day. Oh my goodness I'm sooo grateful for the constancy of Heavenly Father...that we can ALWAYS pray to Him. Always. Always! We pray before and after lessons and during lessons, out loud and in our hearts, and while we are riding places so devil dogs don't eat us and buses don't eat us either...and over food and before we talk to that man across the street selling vegetables and when our lock on our door finally opens and before we leave the house and so there won't be bugs in my bed and so that we'll have positive attitudes and faith and excitement for each opportunity. Oh man. Lots of prayers.

We finally got to watch General Conference yesterday. It was basically 8 hours of straight writing! Oh my goodness so much guidance and good direction from the prophet and apostles!! One of the most striking messages I took from it was to truly trust in Heavenly Father.'s a little story.....

After Conference was over on Sunday, we'd planned to go see one of our investigators who is getting baptized in a few weeks. My brain wanted to, the transportation and timing was more convenient than usual and we had lots of things we could have talked about. I'd already called and scheduled it even....But....I felt like we shouldn't go! Like there was something else we should do but I didn't know what. And I kinda fought the feeling for a second (in my head) and felt a little frustrated because I didn't understand....Then I thought, "Hello? Did you not just learn about trusting in Heavenly Father? And doing what the Spirit prompts you to do even if you don't agree or understand?" So I could do nothing else but keep stepping forward and pray for faith...and cancel the appt and ask my companion what we should do next.

Then SHE got a prompting that didn't make sense. She said, "Let's go home." And I thought it was a crazy idea (in my brain, because that's where you usually think) because we had a few good, open, working hours and we needed one more new investigator to reach our goal for the week. But even though my brain thought she was crazy, I felt good about the idea. So we jumped on our bikes and pedaled home...not really knowing why.

Then.....!!!!!!!......when we got home, our neighbors (who we'd tried to teach once before but they weren't all home very often) were outside and they waved to us friendly-ly (?) and we both immediately knew what was supposed to happen. So we ran inside, dropped our stuff, prayed and went back.
"Are you free right now?"
"Yes! We'll get chairs!" --That was unexpected. And awesome.
So we got to teach a family of four! And they were all so receptive and interested and asking questions. Then at the end, after teaching them about Heavenly Father and how to pray, we knelt:). And the father prayed out loud for everyone. And we all felt the Spirit. And Sister Itow and I went home and prayed and again and just thanked Heavenly Father for letting us be a part of that experience, of inviting the Spirit into their home and lives so He could teach them after we left.

I felt like I had a front row seat! Like I just watch it all unfold before my eyes! And just witnessing it just made me want to trust Heavenly Father even more! It confirmed to me how much Heavenly Father knows and loves His children so much more than we will ever, ever know or understand.

Yeah. It was sweet.

The only exciting thing (exciting in an exotic, maybe not too delicious but still cool way) I ate this week was...some members served us rice (of course, EVERYTHING we eat here is with rice; it like comes with the plate) and there were little black dots in it and I just thought they were part of the harvested rice or whatever. So I proceeded with eating it...anyway the very last bite I looked a little closer and it was a teeny beetle. Haha and I'd already eaten like 16 or 16.5 or something in them. Haha. Whatever. Protein?? Haha. Oh and then there's this delicious soup that sometimes has like a squishy block of dark brown stuff for flavor, but my companino said not to eat it...turns out it's against the rules to eat it because guess what it is.....yep. Bloody blood blood. Other than that, we ate with a few members and the Thai food was sooo delicious. I accidently ate a "prik" (mixed in with another dish) which is just like a tiny, red pepper that is suuuper hot...and my whole body was on fire for like three minutes. Haha
Okayyy I love you all!!!!

Sister Roper

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