Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crickets taste grossy......

First things first:-I only skimmed your emails because of the time constraints (I'm printing them out and will read them later), so I may not respond thoroughly to everything that was said. I'm sorry! Time is short:/

My favorite members are raising crickets so they can sell to eat!!!!! Grossy but so true. But guess what they are saving money for? To go to the Salt Lake Temple!! Isn't that sweet? I love that and them. And the good things that come from crickets.We taught a few brothers this week who really love sports...and they're parents didn't even know that when they named them! Which is surprising...bc guess what their names are? Golf and Ping Pong. In a Thai accent:). I loooove Thai names here. They rock. Thai's have a really name and then a nickname that could be anything from golf to chicken to fat. It's a fun part of their culture. This week we had an investigator who gave up smoking and drinking cold turkey so he could get baptized in three weeks. Cold turkey. He through all his alcohol away without us even asking him to. And he bought mints to eat when he craves a cig. Without us asking him to! I'm so proud of him. It's evidence that the gospel and reading the Book of Mormon naturally and gradually change, CHANGE, a person. When the person is sincere and humble. This man looks brighter and shinier and happier and lighter every day we meet him.Shannie I love your questions:). Uhmmm yes I still loooove my companion. And will my whole life. Just the thought of her leaving me and this country makes me want to cry. This is my favorite thing she does (one of them): I'll be about to fall asleep after lights out and she'll say, "Tell me a story about...hmmm...who haven't I heard about lately...Landon." Or Shan, or "Rick", or Beth or whomever. And so I think of one and tell her and she listens so well. It makes me feel so much love for my family. She already knows all of you pretty well:). And we'll be together until the beg. of Dec.
This week I learned lots about faith. I feel like every day here is like a...hmmm...a pack of dehydrated food...because in one little pack you can have roast beef AND carrots AND celery AND onions AND rice AND probably other stuff we don't know about that enables the dehydration....because in one day I feel lots of different things: so excited, a little stressed, the Spirit really strong, kinda frustrated, a little down, soo grateful, realization that is super humbling.....and the list goes on. It's like condensed life!! Haha that's what it feels like. I'm grateful for the little "trials" that are really opportunities.Gene R. Cook said that "the Lord will try all stages of development in your life. He will try you again and again until YOU know that YOU are able."Doesn't that rock? Heavenly Father loves us so much that he wants us to be perfect. So He makes it possible through His Son and His Son's gospel. And all we experience in life is to refine us. And so that WE know that WE are able...because He alreadly knows we are:). I love Him, I love His Son. I love this gospel. I love the little black piece of plastic on my shirt that says I am lucky enough to represent Them. And as always, I love love LOVE all of you!!Sister Roper

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