Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Keep on Praying...

Hello everyone,

We just got off the phone with Bre. She sounds so weak and very tired. She hasn't eaten for several days. Her companion can't hold anything down so Bre has chosen not to try. She had a bad fever but she thinks it's breaking. She said she hurts all over, especially her head. We told her the mission president was coming to see her this afternoon (it's 13 hours ahead of us in Roiet). She said "....he...is?....I....look....terrible." She's on an IV and true to her nature, asked Dad what was in it and what did it do, where did it go... She was able to share a story she was happy about.

Saturday she crashed her bike in the middle of the road and banged up her knee pretty bad. It was bleeding and two girls stopped, put her bike in the back of their truck and took her and her comp home. She said "my knee was killing me and bleeding but I couldn't pass up the chance to teach them so I told them I crashed my bike so that I could share a message about Jesus Christ with you." They couldn't listen at the time but took her card with her information on it. Later on a man called her and said "two girls helped you today after you crashed your bike and you said you would teach them about Jesus Christ?" She said yes. He said "they aren't interested but I am, will you teach me?" So Bre is excited to get well and help teach him with the Elders. If I know her, she'll share the Gospel with as many Dr.'s and nurses as she can once she can talk more clearly and quickly.

We told her to rest and get well, not worry about anything, just try and slow down. She said "it's....hard....to....slow....down." She's still Bre....sick as can be but still Bre. Thank you all for your prayers.

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