Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just keep praying....

Hello again,
We just hung up from speaking with Bre. I wish I could say she sounded better but she didn't. Her speech is still slow and her voice weak. Her fever returned yesterday, which I understand is part of this illness. She's eaten a few bites of toast but that's about it. She said she's realized what a picky eater she is. But the good news is the muscle aches are lessening. She does sound discouraged. The Elders came to dinner tonight and said the first two weeks on a mission are tough enough, when you add a foreign country, new home, new companion, new language, new food, a bike crash and dengue fever... no wonder she's a bit down.

She expressed sincere gratitude to everyone for your prayers and love and we thank you as well. Please continue to pray for her. I wish I was there to take care of her with homemade chicken soup. I'm sending a package with things she enjoys to eat to carry her for awhile.
Hopefully, we'll all get a positive email in the next week or so. Thank you everyone.

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