Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Excerpt....

Bre is writing 'longhand' to a few of us each week and including different experiences with every one so we can then share with each other. Below is an experience she shared with Shan...

We didn't really know what to teach Phii Phen (who is our teacher acting as someone she taught in Thailand. Our teacher rocks and is Thai, so he speaks amazingly well and knows more about Thailand) so we prayed and felt great about the lesson plan on the P of S. Because Phii Phen is a mom with 3 kids and a husband who works a lot and they're all Buddhist and Phii Phen doesn't really feel appreciated.

Then we get in there. And beforehand, we prayed that if Heavenly Father wanted us to teach something different that we would do it and that more than anything we just wanted to follow the spirit and for Phii Phen to feel the Spirit.

So we went in and because of her questions and needs, we ended up teaching about baptism. We bore our testimonies of how much Heavenly Father and the Savior loved her and knew her. We taught about how after baptism, she'd receive the Holy Ghost, and we helped her recognize that she felt the Spirit. She said she felt it when we came and when she read and prayed but not at any other times.So we told her all the blessings that come with the gift. Anyway, she started crying when we asked her to be baptised so that means our teacher was touched by the lesson. It felt so good and the Spirit was so strong and I felt like the smallest person in the world because of how big the Spirit was. As in, hmmmm, you know the drain thing around the perimeter of our roof and the occasional pipe that comes down and releases the water from the sky? I felt like that. Just small and not important except for the teeny function of helping Phen feel the power of the Spirit. We ended that lesson feeling so blessed that we could be bystanders and watch the Spirit change Phii Phen. I realized that after 1.5 years, I won't be an amazing teacher like I expected/hoped. But, I will have learned better and better how perfect and powerful of a teacher the Spirit is.

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