Sunday, August 28, 2011


Thirteen days:

Thirteen days, friends and fams. Thirteen days! It's a wonderful feeling. Some fabulous things happened this week, and I can't wait to tell you all briefly about them.

Okay in brief. There is a sister named Sister Sellers in my hall. Over the last four or five years, she has lost her hearing bit by bit, until the week before her mission she lost it almost 100%. I know a teeny tenny bit of sign language so I've been talking to her and communicating with her a little, and we've become friends. She is so sweet. She has huge curly curly hair and I love it. And she's really confident and friendly. The other night I was sitting outside my door reading a letter and she came up to me and started talking (she lip reads and still talks pretty well, it just sounds a little different but it is still very understandable). And she told me about how she is learning how to act out the lessons. And she did a little bit for me and it was so cool. And then she told me about her love for music. And how she can't hear the piano anymore. So she goes up to the piano and pushes her ear up to it and closes her eyes and feels the vibrations and imagines what it might sound like. Oh man. That misted my eyes for sure. It was the sweetest thing, because she acted so grateful that she was still able to just do that.

Anyway. I learned from her example. She bears her testimony with her hands but even more with her eyes and face. I felt so grateful for the incredible blessings we all have. I am so blessed to be on this mission. I don't deserve everything I am learning and experiencing and feeling. I am so blessed to have the chance to go to a place and teach something as precious and fundamental as the existence of God. The next year and a half are going to be so beautiful.

Goal suggestion: learn how to bear your testimony with your eyes.

I love you all,

Sister Roper

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