Monday, August 22, 2011

Almost Free!!!

Start the countdown. It's real. Only two weeks left. And six days....but close:). Can you believe it??? Oh my heavens. I can't. I was at dinner the other day and someone asked us how long we had left, and I don't really keep track, so I just said, "Hmmm, I don't know. A few weeks I think...." And the sister next to me said, "Three weeks from today." And it totally hit me and I got all excited and made some kind of overjoyed exclamation and got all red in the face and excited. Sooo nuts.

Last week we got new Thai missionaries! Three elders and one sister. It is soooo fun and so good for us as a district to have a few people to wrap our arms around and welcome into the Thai family. It's so fun teaching them words and answering questions. I love watching the missionaries in my district who've been here for six weeks help the younger ones. They (the older) are realizing how much they actually have learned over the last month and a half and they're realizing more and more every day the reality of the gift of tongues.

Okay, my weekly baseball story (I have to get my fill here because they don't know what baseball is in Thailand). So the Thais played the Cambodians this week (they're the classroom down from us and they also have twelve missionaries, except eleven elders and only one sister...she totally rocks). And of course beforehand we were kinda trash talking or whatever. And okay, I admit, they beat us by three runs. But whatever. Our language is harder. Haha.

Elder Whitaker, the elder from Kanosh (sp?), a little town in Southern Utah (holler, Jed!!), is such a cowboy and so American and so Republican and so hilarious. Anyway so then we have Elder Thacker, who is Australian and super sarcastic and kind of the opposite of Elder Whitaker. But they're buds, despite the differences. At dinner the other day, I asked ET how he liked his hot dog and the conversation proceeded as follos:
ET: "Ahh it'd be bettuh if it had some tomato sauce on it."
Me: "What? Sickers. Do they have straight up tomato sauce here that you can just drench your food in?"
ET: "Haven't you ever put tomato sauce on your food?"
E Whitaker to me: "He means Ketchup," and leaning over to Elder Thacker he said, "You're in America. It's Ketchup, not tomato sauce."
ET: "Calm down, cowboy."

Hahahahahahaha I laughed so hard at them. I love my district.

This letter is getting quite long. Hope you're all still with me! One last thing. I learned this week that I'm allowed to be patient with myself. And so are you, and everyone else in the world. It's not really something I'm good at yet, but at least I realized that it's true. I learned that when I am being impatient with myself, it's because I'm trusting in myself too much. I'm assuming I can and am supposed to accomplish things and accomplish them effectively on my own. But having patience means that I realize I am going to fall short not matter how hard I try. And that I must rely on the Savior and His grace. Ether 12:27 has taken on a new meaning. "If men come unto me, I will show unto them their weakness. And I give unto men weakness that they may be humble, for my grace is sufficient for all men who come unto me." I am so grateful for grace. I love this gospel so so so very much. And you. I love you all, too.

Love, Sister Roper

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