Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A wet Week

Some great things are up:
-Giad entered the waters of baptism yesterday:). And felt peaceful and said he can't wait to endure to the end so he can have eternal life. I'm excited for the important, sealing second step on Sunday when he receives the gift of the Holy Ghost. Wonderful:).
-General Conference was amazing. Beautiful messages and I learned so much. I even teared up in a couple talks!! Are you proud?:) Then my heart was buuurning last week in preparation, too. I couldn't even express accurately how much I loved the prophet, President Monson, and that he IS the Lord's prophet on the earth. I think I have a special love for him because after President Hinckley died, I felt too sad to support anyone else. I actually had to pray and struggle to get my own witness that Thomas S. Monson was a true prophet and successor. So I did. And it took some time to humble down:). But I know with all my heart that the first General Conference after President Hinckley died, as soon as President Monson came on the screen, I was FILLED with love for him and knew with all my heart that he was God's chosen servant and representative. I gained a witness for myself, something I ask of people every day, to gain a witness for themselves. Sometimes it takes time and struggling but in the end, the witness is the foundation! The thing you cannot ever deny. What stays you when storms and opposition come.
-Look up Songkraan on Google and then imagine me and all the other missionaries in Thailand wearing hawaiian shirt and covering every other person with water and getting covered with water likewise on Friday. It's like Thailand's biggest holiday....big deal.

I love you ALLLLL. So much. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I don't deserve them. But I'll try my best to:). Please apply what you learned from Conference, like the prophet counseled so we can keep growing and building this wonderful, beautiful kingdom.
Sister Roper

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