Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Well...I caught the tail end of rainy season when I got here in September...Sister Skalla is catching the beginning...and then all the way through it:). So it has begun! Luckily it only pours every few days so far...we're not yet to the every day-ness that is in the near future. So we were handing out English fliers and thunder and lightning was like music in the background. I was so happy and laughing because I love that weather but Sister Skalla was scared and freaking out...but still laughing. When we were on our way home, we stood in the rain for 25 minutes trying to catch a taxi! But so was everyone else in Bangna and we felt bad taking it from other people....It ended up being a really fun 25 minutes because we just talked to tons of people about English and better yet about the gospel. Some were really really wet and would look at us like they might not exactly be in the mood...but others smiled and talked and a few were even interested. It was great! I felt sooo happy and proud to be a representative of Jesus Christ, even standing in the rain waiting for a taxi and absolutely having no luck finding one.

Those of you who've already feasted on the goodness of General Conference....luckkkky. I CAN'T WAIT to watch it this weekend:). And learn a million things for our investigators and for our companionship and for me. This morning I read a talk from October 2011 (Lauren--ice cream flavored oreas and sugar farangs sound familiar? Hahahaha and Billy oh my heavens) about the Book of Mormon and how it is a rock. Maybe this is old news, but I LOOOOVE the Book of Mormon. Every single page and verse and word. It is so true. I'm so grateful for it and the testimony it will give ALL who open it and read it sincerely and pray to know of its truth. It truly is evidence that God lives and loves us and that the heavens are wide, wide open. I'm so blessed.
Okay. I love you all so much!!!

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