Monday, February 13, 2012

A day in the Lie

Oh my oh my. Missionary work is WORK! I love it. Work with soooo many countless, immeasurable rewards. Here's a typical day (actually these are all real happenings that I just picked out of this past week and created into one "typical day"):

a. Wake up and go running in our sweeeet exercise room:)
b. Go back and get ready for the day and have a wonderful personal study (I'm sooooo grateful for that allotted hour)
c. Share what we learned in personal study, in companionship study (that hour is always great, too) and plan out lessons or roleplay things we will be teaching. Like Joseph Smith's first vision or introducing the wonderful and important and simple ordinance of baptism
d. Study Thai for an 10 vocab words and grammar and reading the Book of Mormon outloud in Thai
e. Hop in a taxi and go go go!!!!! One of us calls and confirms/makes appointments while the other talks to the taxi driver...they're always surprised when one hops into the front seat:) haha. We tell them about how they can be with their families after they die or how there is a loving Heavenly Father who they can communicate with through prayer. It's so cool.
f. Get to an appointment, pray in the street before and hope we don't get hit by a motorcycle or fruit cart or bit by a dog while our eyes are closed (so far, so good)
g. Teach and bear testimony and realize yet again how applicable the gospel is
h. regardless of age or background or race or gender or needs.
i. The answer to how to have happines in life is the same for everyone:)
j. Accept and follow the Savior.
k. Pray after and thank Heavenly Father for the opportunity to teach and that the investigator will keep commitments and remember what they felt.
l. Get in a tuk tuk (I think a picture is attached maybe) and go to a members house (we are trying to visit members for a few minutes every day so that we can uplift them and show them how rewarding missionary work really is and that we want to help them share the gospel with those they love and also just help them and show them we appreciate them)
m. Take the peels off of roasted peanuts so they can put it in Somtam--this Papaya spicy thai salad that has...peanuts...and dried shrimp and sugar and ...yeah it's delicious after a few tries.
n. Lots of people prepare food all day long and then at night go to big outdoor food markets and sell sell sell! So it's a great opportunity to just hop over to their house, particularly Bun (who recently got baptized a few months ago) and her sister Rochana (who we really would love to teach) and help them prep food for Somtan. Last week Rochana's daughter asked me,
o. "Do you know how to draw beautiful pictures?" Haha so cute. I said yes and they wanted to know how to draw a police man. So I did drawing skills haven't improved since 4th grade...seriously...but they still liked it:). And they came to church on Sunday!

p. Taxi over to another lesson or two and if they investigator isn't there or doesn't show we teach their neighbor or pass out English fliers (for English class).
q. Buy some papaya and eat it. And then help this really old lady with no teeth peel garlic. And she laughs at us and wonders why we know Thai. So we tell her. And then she says, "Gang, Gang, Gang." Which means "Skilled Skilled Skilled." Nice, huh!
r. Teach a few more lessons. Get caught on a scary road with lots of dogs in the dark...
s. so I sing Sister Monterrosa "Carry On" or "There is Sunshine in My Soul Today" as we hold our breaths and walk through.
t. No harm:) I don't know if they even saw us.
u. Call Phii Daah to pick us up at the church :) haha there are a couple pictures of him. He's a great chouffeur. And I'm always singing in the back. Like the Thai national anthem or the "Star Spangled Banner" or what have you
v. Teach our recepsha-man:) Great.
w. Get home. Drink wwwaaattttteeer.
x. Pray.
y. Plan. Pray.
z. Sleeeeee........p

I love you and I love missionary work.

Love, Sister Roper

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